There are staffing services, and then there are the services from Talis Consulting Group. Our business clients are as shrewd as our candidates are knowledgeable. You want your needs met on the first try. Our breadth of recruiting services across a range of specialty areas are sure to meet your needs no matter how challenging the task.

Our services include:
- Contract
- Contract-to-Hire
- Direct Hire

Our placement services:


Contract Staffing

A popular alternative to full-time employment is the Talis Consulting Group contract staffing service. In this scenario, the consultant becomes a W-2 employee of Talis Consulting Group, working at the client site under client direction. Meanwhile, Talis handles the bi-weekly payroll and assumes all overhead costs associated with putting the employee to work. This allows the client to pay an hourly rate for the services performed by the contractor. From a client's perspective, this offers a flexible and cost effective means to augment staff with specialized Talis consultants. From a candidate's perspective, being a Talis contractor exposes you to a number of different companies, technologies and environments. 


Contract-to-Hire Placement

You want  the best and you want them now. The Talis contract-to-hire staffing option allows you to determine if an employee is the right fit for your company by observing them on the job. After the contract period is complete, the option is available to hire the employee on a permanent basis.

The key to Talis' enviable track record of success in contract-to-hire staffing is our ability to not only find, but retain superior candidates. People work with Talis for the experience. 


Direct Hire Placement

As the adage goes, the most valuable asset in any organization is the intellect of the employees. Without the best possible people surrounding you, your business will struggle. Additionally, hiring the right people is part of the journey, not the end destination. You need to make sure you have the right people in the right roles. That's recruitment success for Talis. At Talis, we judge our success by your success. 


Talis Consulting Group is committed to your

long-term success.